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@@@Activities Hightlight for October 2018 *** 2018 ECK Worldwide Seminar, October 26-28, Mineapolis, USA *** Experience the Sound of SOUL, October 7, Sunday, 2.30pm @ ECK Center *** Harji's Dinner, October 14, Sunday, 4 pm onwards @ ECK Center *** ECK Light and Sound Services, October 28, Sunday, 3pm @ ECK Center ***

As we give of ourselves, of our patience and love, to someone else who needs it more, something changes inside us. Something flows in, a flow of good feeling. There is a spiritual upliftment that occurs both in us and in the person receiving the love.

- Harold Klemp, Stories to Help You See God in Your Life, ECK Parables, Book 4, pp. 103 to 4

You are warmly invited to the heart-opening experience of the 2018 ECK Worldwide Seminar, a three - day seminar from October 26 - 28, 2018, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The spiritual focus of the seminar offers many inspiring ways for you to recognize and accept more divine love and allow it to transform your life. Enjoy a wide variety of roundtable discussions, insightful workshops and talks, and original creative-arts performances. Focus on the gifts of divine love from the heart, as you explore the ancient spiritual principles and tools of the teachings of Eckankar.

Some highlights of the upcoming seminar program:

  • Dynamic workshops, including "How to Create a Wonderful Life - Here and Now," "Living in the Confidence of Soul," and "Solving Problems - Take Responsibility for Your Life."
  • Special events for those new to Eckankar, including a workshop and discussion titled "The Call of Soul." Explore your own experiences, and ask questions about the spiritual teachings of Eckankar in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
  • Creative and fun spiritual programs for families and youth ages 5 to 17, as well as a Parent Room for those with children under five.
  • Opportunities to tour the beautiful Temple of ECK, walk the contemplation trails, and attend special Temple events on Thursday.

The main highlight of the seminar is the Saturday-evening talk by Sri Harold Klemp, the spiritual teacher, guide, and leader of Eckankar, also known as the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. Recognized as a pioneer of "everyday spirituality," Sri Harold Klemp is known for his down - to - earth wisdom, sense of humor, parables, and practical approach to the spiritual life.

For more information and to preregister, feel free to visit www.ECKseminars.org Hope you can come!

ECKANKAR is ancient wisdom for today. Its teachings, which resurfaced in 1965, emphasize the value of personal experiences as the most natural way back to God. Whatever your religious background, they show how to look and listen within yourself - to expand your consciousness and enjoy spiritual connectedness. See for yourself - perhaps for the first time - how to lead a happy, balanced, and productive life. And put daily concerns into loving perspective.

Sri Harold Klemp
The Mahanta, The Living ECK Master.
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An Invitation

Join us to experience the Sound of Soul
Every 1st Sunday, 3pm
1 Sophia Road, Peace Centre #07-25, Singapore 228149

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