Satya S. (62601842)
Baljeet Singh (90685927)

ECK Initiators &
ECK Spiritual Aides

Brian Ananda (91069414)
Chang Che Min (91156627)
John Tay (96206805)
Josephine Tan (96266984)
Murali Pillai (96418859)
Pay Thiam Wah (97978951)

How can I meet with an ECK Initiator, or ESA?
You may contact any one of the ECK Initiator/ESA to make an appointment for an ECK initiation or ESA session.

How can I arrange for an ECK Celebration of Life Ceremony?
You may contact anyone in the above list to discuss and plan for any one of the Four ECK Celebration of Life ceremony.

Please do not contact them for any other reasons. Thank you for respecting their privacy.