Plan A Spiritual Roadmap

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 Life goes up and down, what can help?

“We have times when everything is going our way, but there are also times when we’re at the bottom.

If we keep ourselves open to Spirit, there will be an equal balance. When our fortunes hit bottom, we surrender to Spirit.

Then we can go back up more naturally, and we’ll maintain this rhythm of life.

As life goes on around us, the detached state is that which runs right through the centre; we are the balance individual working in the Soul conciousness”

~ Harold Klemp, How to find God p.31

What is your Spiritual Roadmap for Life?

“The Holy Spirit will give us all that we need.

1st, we must learn to expect the best in life, and be willing to plan and work for it.

2nd, we need a clear mental picture of what we desire.

3rd, this picture is to be maintained constantly, with the certainty that Divine Spirit will supply any rightful desire.

4th, there must be gratitude for every good thing received.”

~ Harold Klemp, Language of Soul p.67

23 September 2023

3:15pm to 5:20pm

Timezone: Singapore
Date: 23 September 2023

Time: 3.15pm – 4.15pm
Roundtable discussion: Plan a Spiritual Roadmap for Life

Time 4.20pm – 5.20pm
Experience the Sound of Soul. Life goes up and down. What can help?

Singapore Shopping Centre


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Dhoby Ghaut MRT



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